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Basemark ES 3.1

The four best devices from our world famous Basemark ES 3.1 1.0
  • Stock Model NVIDIA Shield Tablet
  • Stock Model HTC Nexus 9
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Shield Tablet

score 797.98


Nexus 9

score 605.20


One M9

score 254.06


G3 F460L

score 231.91

Basemark ES 3.1 1.0

Basic information about the benchmark

Results count: 37

Publish date: 11 Feb 2015

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

About Basemark ES 3.1 1.0

Basemark® ES 3.1 is a professional graphics benchmark for objective performance comparisons of mobile devices supporting OpenGL ES 3.1. It is the only benchmark in the market that allows users to run custom tests by toggling various graphics features on or off. This innovation enables users to measure how specific graphical effects tax the device and to detect performance bottlenecks in a super easy and intuitive way.

This professional version will be a boon for every game developer or tech enthusiast who wants to check out how well different phones and tablets support certain graphics features that are commonly used in the mobile games.

More information: http://www.rightware.com/benchmarks/basemark-es-3-1/


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